Tree Counting App - Satellite Image Analysis

Published on: 2021-07-01

Hello! My name is Javier Flores, and I’m an experienced developer with a passion for creating innovative applications that use cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems. One of my recent projects was a tree counting app that uses satellite imagery and object detection to identify and count trees in a given area.

Project Description

The tree counting app was developed using object detection and other AI technologies to analyze satellite images and identify trees. The app provides an easy-to-use interface for users to upload satellite images and get an accurate count of the trees in the area. The app is designed to be used by forestry professionals, landowners, and environmentalists to gather data about tree populations and track changes over time.

Technologies Used

The tree counting app was developed using a number of cutting-edge technologies, including:

Object detection using TensorFlow and Keras Satellite image analysis using OpenCV and GDAL Front-end development using React and Redux Back-end development using Node.js and Express Database management using MongoDB By leveraging the power of these technologies, we were able to create an app that is fast, efficient, and accurate, even when processing large amounts of data.