Ticket PWA


Welcome. In this article, I’m pleased to introduce you to a recent project that brings together various emerging technologies to solve real-time business challenges. This is a Progressive Web App (PWA) geared towards the management of tickets, cash registers, products, and rejection causes, all while incorporating facial authentication and location tracking features.

Brief Description

The PWA focuses on four main areas:

Ticket Management: Maintain efficient control over generated and resolved tickets. Cash Register Management: Real-time control over cash flow. Product Management: Efficiently handle inventory management. Rejection Causes: Record and analyze reasons behind rejections or returns.

In addition, it incorporates facial authentication and location tracking functionalities to enhance security and operational efficiency.

Technologies Used

The project is built using a cutting-edge stack of technologies:

Front-end: Developed with React for a smooth user experience. Back-end: Utilizes Django for business logic management. Database: MongoDB for flexible and scalable data storage. Containers: Docker for ensuring project portability. Authentication: Facial authentication for an added layer of security. Geolocation: Location tracking for real-time monitoring.



The PWA has been well-received by users, offering an effective solution for ticket and resource management. Its adoption has led to significant improvements in efficiency and security in the environments where it has been implemented.



If you have any questions or would like to know more about the project, feel free to reach out to me.